Victor, a man living under a totalitarian regime, sees his monotonous life disrupted by a strange message from his girlfriend whom he thought had disappeared. Anke has managed to flee to a free country and urges him to join her as soon as possible. Victor starts dreaming of a different world, and despite his doubts makes the decision to flee in his turn. It will be for him the beginning of a journey filled with traps, in which any unusual action on his part can lead to disaster.

                       Making of On The Other Side


director        samuel jaquemin

length          52 min

producer      riin urbanik

producer      marie sonne-jensen

dop               cj kask


produced by   average monkey

                       la voie lactee


financed by    efsa

kultuuriministeerium, kulka

town of dijon, région bourgogne....




film music: efterklang